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Severus · Snape

Potions Log November 17th 5:15am Have been testing Slughorn's…

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Potions Log
November 17th 5:15am

Have been testing Slughorn's Dreamless Sleep Potion to ascertain changes from original recipe. He has been selling it as an 'improved formula' to Agnes's Apothecary - thus far tests are negative for all foreign substances but coffee grounds - the colour change is significant, but the effects remain the same. After trialing the potion on myself last night, I must conclude that he has not yet been able to allow the mind to drop into REM sleep whilst using the potion - thus dreaming stops, but the rest gained is only marginally better than without the potion. Am beginning to suspect him of misleading advertising.

It was, perhaps, a mistake to test the potion last night - the Gryffindor Miscreants are likely to be particularly moronic today, no matter the outcome of the match, and that overwhelming desire to be turned inside out and dipped in cream cheese I had last week has since passed.


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